Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet - Double Cuboids

Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet - Double Cuboids

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Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet adorned with Double Cuboids shape, a fusion of elegance and contemporary design. This remarkable piece of jewellery effortlessly combines the timeless allure of magnetic hematite with the sleek and sophisticated aesthetics of double cuboids, resulting in a truly unique and captivating accessory. 

The addition of the double cube brings a modern and geometric element to the design, representing balance and stability. The clean lines and precise angles of the cuboid create a contemporary flair to the bracelet. Elevate your style and embrace the harmonious blend of classic and contemporary with the Shamballa Magnetic Hematite Bracelet in the Double Cuboids shape.

Strong and durable, and can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.