Self Care Kits - Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdoms carefully curated exclusive Self Care Kits are designed to provide a revitalizing experience of self care. Each set consists of select items that will take your customers' self care routines to heights.

Every self care set contains three packaged bath salts infused with soothing scents and natural ingredients ensuring a calming bathing experience. Additionally, the Self Care Kit gifts include a sugar scrub that invigorates the skin and gently exfoliates revealing a more radiant complexion. The sets also feature a nourishing and velvety body cream that deeply moisturizes the skin. Last, but not least is a lovely skin serum full of natural goodness that will make your skin glow. 

Ancient Wisdom self care products are perfect for those seeking moments of indulgence and relaxation. Whether you wish to unwind after a day or simply boost your self care rituals, these kits offer a next level pampering experience.