Chipstone Bracelet - Chakra Stones

Chipstone Bracelet - Chakra Stones

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Chipstone Chakra Bracelets features an array of carefully selected gemstones, representing the seven chakras - the energy centres believed to influence your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

These bracelets feature gemstones - Amethyst, Rock Quartz, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Hematite, Yellow Aventurine, and Carnelian.

Amethyst - Crown Chakra & Third Eye Chakra - Intuition, spiritual connection, wisdom, insight, dreams 

Sodalite - Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra - Communication, expression, truth, intuition, insight

Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra - Love, compassion, empathy, growth, abundance  

Yellow Aventurine - Solar Plexus Chakra - Personal power, confidence, optimism, creativity, abundance 

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra & Root Chakra - Passion, motivation, courage, vitality, grounding  

Hematite  - Root Chakra - Grounding, protection, stability, security, courage

Rock Quartz - Crown Chakra  - Amplification of energy, clarity, cleansing, consciousness, healing 

One size: These bracelets are strung on a comfortable stretch cord that adapts to any wrist size