Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet - Rose Quartz Cuboids

Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet - Rose Quartz Cuboids

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Introducing the captivating Magnetic Hematite Shamballa Bracelet adorned with Rose Cuboids, a harmonious fusion of elegance and romance. This exquisite piece of jewelry seamlessly combines the enchanting allure of magnetic hematite with the delicate charm of rose cuboids, resulting in a truly mesmerizing accessory that exudes both sophistication and grace. 

The bracelet features magnetic hematite beads known for their reputed healing properties and ability to promote balance and positive energy flow. These shimmering beads not only add a touch of iridescence to the bracelet but also serve as a source of vitality and well-being. The incorporation of rose cuboids brings a sense of tenderness and love to the design.

Strong and durable, and can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.