Totoweka Pounamu - Ty Tainui [TY-123]
Totoweka Pounamu - Ty Tainui [TY-123]

Totoweka Pounamu - Ty Tainui [TY-123]

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Totoweka Pounamu

Pendants of the Totoweka/Blood of the Weka variety of Pounamu.
The pendants are of a Contemporary Artists Perspective and represents the Ocean, the Koru (new beginning) and the Twist (eternity). All pieces have been blessed and shaped with the Aroha (love), Wairua (spirit) and Mana (power)

 I’m from Arahura on the West coast of the South Island, home to Pounamu. I’m a direct descendent and an Ancestor to the Chief Tuhuru. Pounamu has been in our Whanau for as long as history dictates and I am proud to hold the mantle of Kaitiaki (Guardian) of the Stone
Ty Tainui
Poutini Pounamu